Better Sleep and Sweeter Dreams

Hotel Industry

Imagine… the delight of your guests when they discover the Bedside Guide waiting for them on their bed.

Give Your Guests a Great Night’s Sleep…

and Insight Into Their Dreams.


Getting a great nights sleep is a top priority of guests, according to a recent study done by Consumer Reports using 22,000 travelers. Tod Marks, a senior projects editor said

The key thing about a hotel is how good a night’s sleep you were able to getsource

Providing your guests The Bedside Guide shows you understand what they need most.

Inside Your Guests Will Find…

  • An informative introduction about sleep and why we need more of it
  • 7 Tips To Catching More Zzzs
  • 5 Tips To Remembering Your Dreams
  • 5 Tips To Understanding Your Dreams
  • A Dream Dictionary of the 100 most common dream symbols
  • Coupons to encourage patronage of your gift shop, restaurant, spa and return visits

The Bedside Guide makes the perfect turn down complimentary amenity and will be a delightful, unexpected and useful surprise to your guest.

We Customize The Bedside Guide to Your Brand and Look.

We do all the work, simply provide us with any images or promotions and our team will create all the branded material for your approval. We provide a quick turn around with the highest level of customer service.

Because of the interesting and universal subject matter of dreaming, the Bedside Guide is certain to be used again and again, which means they will see your name and appreciate your thoughtfulness… again and again!

The following parts of the Bedside Guide will be customized to your approval:

  • Front cover
  • Back Cover
  • Introduction
  • Bottom of every page
  • 4 full page ads

Front Cover: Makes it crystal clear that your Hotel is providing this information to your guest.

Click for Sample Front Cover

Sample front cover

Click for Sample Front Cover 2

Bedside Guide Cover

Back Cover: The perfect place for your mission statement! Whatever message you wish to convey to your guests, we’ll place it on the back.

Click for Sample Back Cover

Click for Sample Back Cover 2

Bedside Guide Sample back cover

Branded Introduction: A continuation of the excellent branding the Bedside Guide will provide you.

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Full Page Ad: Provide us the ad or coupon design you want or we can design one for you.

Click to see example of branded ad

Check out some of the cool illustrations inside:

Lauri Can Also Be Featured On Your Hotel’s Channel.

Let Lauri’s warm and friendly face inform your guests about the complimentary Bedside Guide, the amazing bed in the room, offer more sleep and dream tips as well as anything else your unique hotel has to offer. Go ahead and watch the video over on the top right side of this page and see Lauri on TV.

In Closing…

The Bedside Guide offers a unique opportunity to give your guests something that will be extremely beneficial to their health and personal happiness and will create goodwill towards your company for very little investment.

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