Better Sleep and Sweeter Dreams

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The primary job of the Bedside Guide is to PROMOTE YOU, whatever the campaign is. 35 branding points, includes 4 FULL pages and the ENTIRE back cover.

Provide Something We ALL Want…

Better Sleep & Sweeter Dreams…

Brand your message around content people want.
According to the National Institutes of Health 50-70 million Americans struggle with sleep every night!

The Bedside Guide offers a unique opportunity to give your prospects/clients something that will be extremely beneficial to their health and personal happiness and will create goodwill towards your company for very little investment.

With the universal need for better sleep you can EASILY strike up a dialogue with anybody, we all know the more you connect with people that equals more leads, more sales and a BETTER ROI for your marketing budget.

Longer Retentions Times!

Along with the tips and tricks to getting a good night’s sleep, The Bedside Guide also includes a dream dictionary of 100 of the most common dream symbols and their meaning. Your customers are sure to share your branded Bedside Guide with their friends and family and co-workers.

“Check out this dream dictionary I got for free from . It’s already helped me figure out several of my dreams!”

Some of the Dreamy Illustrations inside The Dream Dictionary:

BOTTOM LINE: Because of the interesting and universal subject matter of sleep and dreaming, the Bedside Guide is certain to be used again and again, which means they will see your name and appreciate your thoughtfulness… again and again!

Customized for MAX ROI and exposure:

  • Front cover
  • FULL Back Cover
  • Introduction
  • Bottom of every page
  • 4 full page ads

Inside Your Prospects/Clients Will Find…

  • An informative introduction all about sleep and why we need more of it
  • 7 Tips To Catching More Zzzs
  • 5 Tips To Remembering Your Dreams
  • 5 Tips To Understanding Your Dreams
  • A Dream Dictionary of the 100 most common dream symbols
  • A customized welcome page from your company
  • 4 FULL pages filled with your custom information/promotions.

Front Cover: Makes it crystal clear that your providing this information to your prospects/clients.

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Bedside Guide Cover

Back Cover: The perfect place for your mission statement! Whatever message you wish to convey to your guests, we’ll place it on the back.

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Branded Introduction: A continuation of the excellent branding the Bedside Guide will provide you.

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Full Page Ad: Provide us the ad or coupon design you want or we can design one for you.

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We do ALL the Work!

Simply provide us with any images or promotions and our team will create all the branded material for your approval. We provide a quick turn around with the highest level of customer service.

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