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The go-to expert for the media
Dr. Oz, Diane Sawyer, Anderson Cooper, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, The View, The Today Show, The Steve Harvey show and more rely on Lauri Loewenberg

Loewenberg has hit a nerve in the American Psyche by giving meaning to our dreams.”
-Dr, Sanjay Gupta


Dreams are always a hot topic!

Everyone dreams, and everyone wonders what their dreams mean…

And for almost two decades, Lauri has been leading the pack, inspiring people to wake up to the power of their dreaming minds
and showing them how to understand the life-changing messages their dreams hold.

What Lauri does isn’t a crystal ball side show but rather Archetypal Psychology, which is a comparative analysis between
the imagery in dreams and the content of the previous day.


“I’ll tell you (Lauri’s tips) were very impactful for me. I wanted to see if they would work so the other night I did all the things you talked about… and then when I awakened in the morning, I remembered my dreams and jotted them down.”

– Dr. Oz


Lauri’s techniques are so effective,
she has become THE go-to expert with the media.

Lauri has been invited to share her expertise on The View, Good Morning America, The Today Show, Anderson Cooper 360, CNN’s special “Sleep” with Dr. Sanjay Gupta, The Daily Buzz, Dr. Oz and Bethenny Frankel just to name a few.

Lauri has even hosted her own special “In Your Wildest Dreams” on Discovery Health.


Katherine Kelly, Operations Manager, Oprah Radio   “We’ve all heard that knowledge is power but so many times we dismiss aspects of our lives that should be examined.  Dreams are one of those outlets that should be explored.  Lauri  Loewenberg can unlock the true mysteries that unfold when you drift off to sleep.”
Katherine Kelly, Operations Manager, Oprah Radio

Lauri’s practical approach to understanding dreams
has made her the most requested guest on morning radio.

Lauri decodes dreams for callers every morning on radio shows throughout the country. She has appeared on such national radio shows as Oprah Radio, Bubba The Love Sponge, Mancow’s Morning Madhouse, Playboy Radio, Bob & Sheri, Nights with Alice Cooper, Art Bell’s Coast to Coast and has logged over 10,000 radio appearances thus far…

Lauri’s tips and tricks to understanding dreams have also been featured in countless print media such as Cosmo, Glamour, Investor’s Business Daily, Modern Bride, Prevention, SELF, Woman’s Day, Woman’s World, The Wall Street Journal and The Seattle Times, just to name a few.

Lauri also writes a nationally syndicated newspaper column
called The Dream Zone and has authored 3 books.


Her most recent book Dream On It, Unlock Your Dreams Change Your Life (St. Martin’s Press) debuted in March of 2011 and has made her an international star. Dream On It is now being printed and translated in 10 countries and is an Amazon best-seller.

Lauri currently resides in Tampa, FL with her “strikingly handsome husband and very loud son.”  She holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do in order to keep them both in line.

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